Yearly Archive: 2015

Cruel Decision Needs to Be Overturned, Hassan Asif

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Poor Phone Reception in St Leonards Leaves War Widow out of Pocket

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Offshore Processing: the way forward

It is a pleasure to be back here speaking at the Sydney Institute. For 26 years the Sydney Institute has been a centre for reasoned debate about Australian public policy and there is no area... continue reading 

Constituency Statements – Corio Electorate: Economy

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Constituency Statements – Corio Electorate: Geelong Western Public Cemetery

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Grievance Debate – National Broadband Network

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Labor Secures Legislation to Fast Track Removing Children from Detention

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Dutton Must Respond to Reports of Asylum Seeker Arrival

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Bellarine CCTV Pledge Sees Geelong Politicians Join Locals in Their Fight Against Crime

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Independent Inquiry Needed into Christmas Island Riot

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ABC Radio AM

Christmas Island; asylum seekers. continue reading 

Doorstop Canberra

Christmas Island; asylum seekers. continue reading 

Private Members’ Business – Rural and Regional Newspapers

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Sky News PM Agenda

Christmas Island; asylum seekers. continue reading 

Death on Christmas Island

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Pacific Islands Visit

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Sky News AM Agenda

Cash for people smugglers; media access to Nauru; Abbott speech. continue reading 

ABC Capital Hill

People smugglers; proper health care for asylum seekers; regional processing. continue reading 

Turnbull Should Come Clean on Cash Payments

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Resettlement in Papua New Guinea

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