Yearly Archive: 2016

Singapore Military Training Agreement

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ASC Structural Separation

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The Today Show

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Sky News Newsday – David Speers

Stephen Conroy. continue reading 

D Is for Defence, F Is for Fail

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Labor Condemns North Korea Nuclear Tests

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

AFL Finals, Dastyari, Foreign donations, South China Sea, G20. continue reading 

Liberals Are Latecomers when It Comes to the Need for an Australian Defence Industry

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The Bolt Report

Sam Dastyari, Foreign donations, Foreign ownership, Submarines, ISIS threats. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Sam Dastyari; South China Sea; Foreign ownership. continue reading 

Turnbull and Pyne Send Mixed Messages on Submarine Information Leaks

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Oakey Report No Comfort Until Consistent Approach Applied

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As subs skills crisis deepens, Turnbull government waffles

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Parliament, First Speeches, Royal Commission. continue reading 

Geelong MPs Sarah Henderson, Richard Marles row over marriage equality plebiscite

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Budget Repair, Marriage Equality Plebiscite, NBN, AFP raids. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

AFP raid; DCNS Submarine Leak. continue reading 

Government Inaction Costs Australian Shipbuilding Jobs

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Pairing, Budget Repair, Long Tan, Reserve Bank. continue reading 

Blood tests and buybacks on the agenda

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