Yearly Archive: 2017

Wishing Australia’s Defence Personnel a Merry Christmas

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F/A-18s to Return Home

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Sky News Karvelas

Bennelong; citizenship; China. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Sam Dastyari; Reckless Chinaphobia. continue reading 

Sky News Pyne & Marles

Equal marriage; citizenship; Jerusalem; Christmas. continue reading 

Inquiry into Government’s Mishandling of Pfas Contamination

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Leaks; banking royal commission; parliament; Sam Dastyari; Australian republican movement. continue reading 

3AW Radio Mornings

Sam Dastyari; banking royal commission. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

North Korean missile test; foreign donations. continue reading 

Labor Condemns North Korean Missile Test

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Tearful Reflection Amid Pure Pride and Joy

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Parliamentary anniversary; OPV announcement; parliamentary panic; imaginary tax cuts; foreign affairs white paper; assisted dying legislation. continue reading 

Government Misses the Point on Soveriegn Capability

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Sky News Speers

Foreign Affairs White Paper. continue reading 

Radio Australia Pacific Beat

Australian engagement in the Pacific. continue reading 

Radio New Zealand

Australia’s relationship with the Pacific. continue reading 

The Lowy Institute Q&A Session – The Pacific Is Core Business

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The Lowy Institute – The Pacific Is Core Business

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Cyber security; same sex marriage postal survey; Government’s citizenship crisis; Robert Mugabe; public announcements. continue reading 

Speech to the Submarine Institute of Australia

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