Yearly Archive: 2019

ABC News Breakfast

National security; drought funding; the Greens. continue reading 

Detention of Dr Yang

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Doorstop Rockhampton – Murray Watt

Infrastructure jobs for Capricornia; Talisman Sabre; regional doctors; coal industry; China; asylum seekers. continue reading 

2GB Radio – Ben Fordham

Veteran mental health. continue reading 

ABC Radio Brisbane Drive – Steve Austin

Veteran mental health. continue reading 

Our Service Men and Women Must Still Feel Valued After They Leave the Military

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Sky News Speers on Sunday

Australia and the US alliance, Talisman Sabre, Deeming rates, Indigenous Constitutional Recognition. continue reading 

ABC News Radio – Sabra Lane

Yuan Xiaoliang and Yang Hengjun, Talisman Sabre, South China Sea, Iran. continue reading 

Commemoration for Bob Hawke

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ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast – Ali Moore

Tax Cuts, Australia’s alliance with the U.S. continue reading 

Sky News Chris Kenny

Trade, Tax Cuts, Defence Portfolio, John Setka, AFL. continue reading 

ABC Radio RN Breakfast

Iran, G20, US and China Trade, Tax Cuts. continue reading 

2GB Radio – Ben Fordham

Tax Cuts, Election outcome, Israel Folau, Anthony Albanese. continue reading 

Bob Hawke Will Always Be the Beacon Who Guides Us

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Sky News AM Agenda

John Setka; Chinese warships; National security policy; Foreign donations; Veterans Affairs; US Open. continue reading 

ABC Insiders

Press freedom; China; Australian Labor Party; snow domes. continue reading 

ABC 774 Radio Melbourne

Darwin shooting; Australian Labor Party; tax cuts; Chinese ships; press freedom. continue reading 

Re-appointment As Shadow Minister for Defence

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Sky News Conroy & Kroger

Australian Labor Party; Israel; religious freedoms. continue reading 

Press Conference – Leadership Team of the Australian Labor Party

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