About the Corio Electorate

Named after the geographic area covered by the electoral division, the origin of 'Corio' is believed to have originated from either 'coraiyo', an Aboriginal word meaning small marsupial or sandy cliffs, or 'Korayn', an Aboriginal word for salt. Source: AEC

From its beginnings as a port servicing the gold rush, to the centre of a wool industry at the time when Australia rode on the back of the sheep, to more recent times with our role in manufacturing. Geelong's story tells a really significant part of Australia's story.
Speech to Parliament, Federation Chamber 29 February 2016

My electorate covers an area of approximately 773 square kilometres from the western shores of Port Phillip Bay, stretching to the north of Geelong and inland.

Geelong boasts a north fronting bay, a beautiful raised peninsula, historic buildings, award winning wineries and boutique breweries, all in close proximity to the Surf Coast.

My region has a long history, a unique history, a proud history – one that continues to evolve and change. We are a vibrant, innovative and adaptive city that is taking its next step in its history, and I am proud to be Geelong’s voice in Canberra, working hard to ensure we have a positive future for the generations to come.

If you would like to find out more about the electoral division of Corio, please visit the AEC website.

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