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WHERE HAVE ALL THE STAFF GONE? It’s been a tough few years to be running a business, that’s a fair understatement. COVID-19, fires, floods – Australian business owners have copped it all. But for the... continue reading 

2020 AFL Grand Final

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Spending is not a strategy

This pandemic presents us with the opportunity for the single biggest reimagining of Australia since the Second World War, but none of that happens with a government that simply carries debt but lacks courage. continue reading 

Taking aim at a sub-par performance on submarines

Scott Morrison visited South Australia last month and brought with him a bag full of disappointment. Standing at Osborne shipyard, the Prime Minister came to do no more than cut a ribbon and acknowledge that... continue reading 

Why this footy season is even more special

...as we pivot from a health crisis to an economic one, there is a clear role for footy to provide some much-needed respite for our nation. Whatever your team, being able to switch on the... continue reading 

We must all play a role or pay a hefty price

“…Those of us who can are working from home. As our hearts break, we watch others who run our favourite shops make the devastating decision to close their doors. And for thousands who have been... continue reading 

Australia needs these new subs – how late will they be?

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Our Service Men and Women Must Still Feel Valued After They Leave the Military

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Bob Hawke Will Always Be the Beacon Who Guides Us

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The Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty, National Security and ANZUS

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The Forbidden Tip

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The Gift of Unconditional Love Survives Even Death

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ASEAN is a major security asset for Australia

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Tearful Reflection Amid Pure Pride and Joy

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Spending Must Lead to Real Jobs, Not Political Ones

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Made of the Write Stuff

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Resettlement for Asylum Seekers Is Urgent

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Generosity the Sign of a Civilised Nation

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Spirit of modern Australia seen in our sporting stars

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Why Labor will turn back asylum seeker boats

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