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Geelong MPs Sarah Henderson, Richard Marles row over marriage equality plebiscite

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75,000 homes, businesses to get Labor’s ‘better’ NBN

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Anam Cara win as Labor matches pledge to help move to Armstrong Creek

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Bill Shorten visits Geelong to pledge millions to help auto workers

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Geelong Fiscal Fist Fight

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Tanks for Nothing: Richard Marles’ Fighting Words over Defence Jobs

A defence jobs push by the Coalition has failed to deliver the goods at Geelong’s time of need, Corio MP Richard Marles says. continue reading 

Opposition frontbencher Richard Marles tells Liberal MP Sarah Henderson to lobby for a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage

Opposition frontbencher Richard Marles has urged Liberal MP Sarah Henderson to lobby the Prime Minister for a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage. continue reading 

Corio MP Richard Marles wants Geelong heritage trail, similar to London’s

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Geelong’s former Corio Oval could be named after David Hickinbotham as family pushes for acknowledgment

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Poor Phone Reception in St Leonards Leaves War Widow out of Pocket

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Bellarine CCTV Pledge Sees Geelong Politicians Join Locals in Their Fight Against Crime

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Lack of NBN leaves schools lagging with slow internet access

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Geelong parliamentarians Richard Marles and John Eren find common ground across Gallipoli’s trenches

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Stalled NBN rollout is holding Geelong back, say city leaders

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