The world’s climate emergency should be Australia’s jobs opportunity.

But after eight long years of energy policy chaos under the Liberals – it’s an opportunity missed.

An Albanese Labor Government will invest $100 million to support 10,000 New Energy Apprenticeships.

It will encourage apprentices to train in the new energy jobs of the future.

Examples of eligible industries include rooftop solar installation and maintenance, large-scale renewable projects including emerging green hydrogen, energy efficiency upgrades to homes and businesses, renewable manufacturing, and relevant agricultural activities.

Australia has some of the world’s best natural assets – solar, wind and minerals that could power the globe’s new energy economy.

And some of the smartest, hardest-working people on earth.

Yet three in four solar companies say they have difficulty recruiting electricians because they can’t find workers with specific experience in renewables.

Instead of securing new energy jobs for Australians, the Liberals have wasted 8 years worrying about their own jobs and bickering over more than 22 climate policies.

Under Labor, new energy apprentices will receive $10,000 over the cycle of their apprenticeship in a new energy industry.

This incentive payment will encourage today’s apprentices to take on the occupations that we need for the new energy economy.

The program cuts across multiple skillsets – sparkies, mechanics, fridgies, construction workers, and more – because the opportunities new energy presents are economy wide.

Labor will also invest $10 million in a New Energy Skills Program to tailor skills training to the specific needs of new energy industries.

The New Energy Skills Program will work with the states, industry and unions to ensure workers have access to training pathways that are fit-for-purpose.

This is a downpayment on the many measures to support employment security for existing energy workers as part of Labor’s jobs-focussed climate policy.

The skills and training sector can supercharge Australian ingenuity and spur on economic growth, but only a Labor Government understands the power of it.

A Prime Minister that can barely say the word solar can’t deliver these jobs for Australian tradies.

Yes, Australia is a lucky country – but it’s our people that make it so.

We need a Government that invests in them and their skills to turn that luck into gold.

And that’s exactly what an Albanese Labor Government will do.

Comments from Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy

“The world’s climate emergency should be Australia’s jobs opportunity – but under Scott Morrison it’s an opportunity missed.”

We’re directly supporting apprentices to train in the new energy industries that will boost our economy”

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