As the Morrison Government prepares to cut JobKeeper, new ABS figures confirm what Australians already know – the recovery from the worst recession in a century is patchy, and without the right economic supports too many workers will be left behind.

While the Prime Minister and Treasurer claim the jobs market has recovered, there are still 2 million Australians looking for work or more secure work.
The latest ABS Payroll Jobs and Wages data shows that since the beginning of the crisis:

  • Payroll jobs have decreased by 4.3 per cent and total wages have decreased by 5.2 per cent
  • Payroll jobs worked by males decreased by 6.0 per cent and those worked by females decreased by 5.2 per cent

Most worryingly, jobs in accommodation and food services remains one of the most heavily impacted industries with payroll jobs down 14.7 per cent. With JobKeeper set to be cut from next month, what is the Morrison Government’s plan for those businesses which are relying on this critical lifeline of support?

It shouldn’t be up to businesses and workers alone to do the heavy lifting and calibrate a plan to boost wages and drive down unemployment.

Too many Australians are hurting, all the while the Morrison Government are wasting the recovery, leaving too many people behind and are reverting to their true form and using the pandemic as an excuse to cut workers’ pay, cut super and strip protections from borrowers.

While parts of the economy are recovering, there are some sectors that are still hurting – and will continue to hurt – due to international border closures and the patchy state of the economy.

It is not a real recovery if millions are stranded in joblessness, underemployment or on weak wages, unable to provide for their families.

Australians need and deserve a proper plan from the Morrison Government to promote growth, they need a government which is on their side to protect jobs and generate secure work for the 2 million Australians searching for it.

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