Australian businesses and organisations will finally send us to the moon, with an Australian-made rover set to be launched this decade.

For years, Australian businesses and organisations have had the capability and knowledge to get Australia to the moon. The only thing lagging was Federal Government support.

We need to be a country which celebrates science and today’s announcement is a small part of that.

Australia has a critical role to play in the global space sector – already our work with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is world-leading and is an important part of the global science sector.

Whilst today’s announcement is welcome, this is a reminder we need to be investing in science as a matter of priority, as the jobs and skills which come with it are too important.

If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it is how truly important science is to our health, our safety and our prosperity.

Importantly, science and science jobs will play a key role in how we build back from COVID, particularly in key industries of research and manufacturing.

We need to see more than just shiny headlines from Scott Morrison. We need to know what the plan is to bolster the workforce and where the long-term investment in these skills, research and development is.

Further details will be released for businesses and organisations to participate and we look forward to seeing our best and brightest participate in this program.

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