Latest from Richard Marles and the Corio Electorate

ABC NewsRadio

Payments to People Smugglers; Citizenship; Fairfax Poll. continue reading 

ABC News 24

Payments to People Smugglers. continue reading 

ABC Insiders

Asylum seekers; Tony Abbott’s royal commission. continue reading 

Dutton has serious questions to answer

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Doorstop Sydney

Asylum Seekers, Tony Abbott's Royal Commission. continue reading 


Citizenship, Abbott Government’s Trade Union Royal Commission. continue reading 

Doorstop Canberra

Cabinet Leaks; Citizenship; National Security; FIFA; Border Force. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Liberal leaks and cabinet division; national security; immigration. continue reading 

Constituency Statements – Corio Electorate: Ovoid sewer aqueduct over Barwon River

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Citizenship changes. continue reading 

FWO admits concern with 20% of 457 visa exploitation

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Abbott Government in denial about 457 visa exploitation

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Now is the time to reject inequality

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Sky News PM Agenda

Citizenship; National Security. continue reading 

Proposed Citizenship Changes

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ABC Radio National Drive

Rohingya Refugees. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Rohingya Asylum Seekers. continue reading 

ABC Radio National

Rohingya Asylum Seekers. continue reading 

Lack of NBN leaves schools lagging with slow internet access

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Motions: Centenary of Anzac

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