We are still no closer to knowing what the Morrison Government’s plan is for jobs when it cuts JobKeeper at the end of this month.

When JobKeeper ends in a few weeks time, small and family businesses across Australia want to know what the plan is.

Instead, they are left without certainty, still no closer to knowing if they will be able to keep their doors open come Easter.

The Prime Minister’s speech offered a chance to outline to businesses a plan but instead we were left with rank hypocrisy from Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison has said losing apprentices ‘would have been devastating for our economy’, yet it was his own government which has overseen 146,000 fewer trainees and apprentices across Australia because of their cuts.

The announcement today to uncap the JobMaker program, doesn’t answer the question; what is Scott Morrison’s plan for those Australians he purposefully left out?

The JobMaker program was deliberately designed by the Morrison Government to leave out those Australians who are 35 and older who are looking for work.

And if that is not cruel enough, we learnt only last month, that despite the Treasury warning the Morrison Government that their plan was an incentive for some businesses to fire workers, not hire them.

We are only weeks out from JobKeeper ending and businesses are still no clearer about what – if anything – will replace it and help them keep their doors open and their lights on.

And what about the plan for the two million Australians who are looking for work or more hours right now?

We need a plan for jobs.

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