Latest from Richard Marles and the Corio Electorate

Proposed Citizenship Changes

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ABC Radio National Drive

Rohingya Refugees. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Rohingya Asylum Seekers. continue reading 

ABC Radio National

Rohingya Asylum Seekers. continue reading 

Lack of NBN leaves schools lagging with slow internet access

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Motions: Centenary of Anzac

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Concerns grow over the Abbott Government’s secret Cambodia deal

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Adjournment – Corio Electorate: National Broadband Network

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Abbott Government must immediately investigate claims of worker exploitation

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Manus Island. continue reading 

Geelong parliamentarians Richard Marles and John Eren find common ground across Gallipoliā€™s trenches

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Corio Electorate Constituency Statements: Mental Health

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Corio Electorate Constituency Statements: Alcoa

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Corio Electorate Constituency Statements: Health Care

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Adjournment – Corio Electorate: Alcoa

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Statements by Members: Child Care

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2014 – The Year That Was

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Speech to the Australian Mines and Metals Association – Perth

Thank you. Let me begin with a mission statement. The Australian Labor Party is all about job creation, in government and in opposition. continue reading 

Corio Electorate Constituency Statements: Community Television, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School

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Condolence speech for Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes

It is the idea that, just two weeks ago, Phillip Hughes walked on this earth and was breathing and living in precisely the kind of normal, day-to-day way that each of us here is. continue reading 
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