Latest from Richard Marles and the Corio Electorate

Syrian Civil War 6th Anniversary

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Pyne Maritime Industry College Plan Secures Zero Jobs for Australians

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Sky News AM Agenda

18C, visit by Premier Li Keqiang, Australia-China relationship. continue reading 

Liberals All Talk and No Action on Ships and Subs

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Launch of Keating and Kelty’s Super Legacy

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What’s Wrong with Aussie Steel?

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Sky News Richo

US alliance; China; North Korea; Syria. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Prime Minister's trip to Indonesia, Peter Dutton's homeland security push, North Korea, US alliance. continue reading 

Payne and Pyne’s Toothless Tigers

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Sky News Pyne & Marles

Liberal leadership. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

Peter Dutton; Visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu; South China Sea. continue reading 

Sky News Pyne & Marles

Christmas break; energy policy, ABCC, Turnbull government's cuts; USAustralia relationship; parliamentary votes. continue reading 

75th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore

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Sky News Richo

Malcolm Turnbull's performance; defence industry; South China Sea; diversity in the armed forces; asylum seeker swap. continue reading 

Sky News AM Agenda

China-US relations, Australia-US relations. continue reading 

3AW Radio – Neil Mitchell

Malcolm Turnbull’s unprecedented $1.75 million donation to the Liberal Party. continue reading 

Turnbull Must Provide Answers Today on Defence Land Grabs

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Turnbull’s Deal: Clear As Mud

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Time for Turnbull to Act on Shoalwater Farm Acquisitions

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Joyce and Payne Have Questions to Answer on Farm Land Acquisitions

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