Media Releases

Future Frigates

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Senate Report Calls for a National Shipbuilding Plan

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Libs Have Just One Change Left to Get a Defence Procurement Right

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Reports Reiterate Need for a National Approach to PFAS Contamination

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Media Reports on Special Forces

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Inquiry into Government’s Mishandling of PFAS Established

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Libs Telling Porkies About Snouts in the Trough

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UN Secretary-General’s Disarmament Agenda

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Reports on Sexual Abuse in ADF Deeply Concerning

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The Liberals Can Still Stop ASC Job Losses

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Minister Needs to Take Responsibility for Submarines

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ANAO report shows a government more concerned with announcements than national defence capability needs

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Offshore Patrol Vessel Contract Fiasco All the Minister’s Making

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$50 Billion Subs Purchase Needs More Attention Than Media Releases

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ANZAC Day 2018

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The Liberals’ Defence Industry Legacy: Cuts, Not Jobs

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Liberals All Talk and No Action on Henderson Investment

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Who Gets Jobs? The Mates Get Jobs

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Libs Naval Shipbuilding College: a Year In, Six Months Behind, and Generating More Questions Than Skills

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More Window Dressing from the Liberals on Manufacturing Jobs

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